Power Industry

Pipe supports play a vital role in the Power Industry and Bergen Pipe supports has been providing support for the last 60 years. Our equipment can be found in many power plants across the globe and sees applications in many areas of the power industry, including fossil fuels, gas, nuclear, renewables, or hydroelectric.


Our pipe supports are used in the Pharmaceutical industry to ensure that piping is properly installed and that there are no areas where product can accumulate or become trapped. This helps Pharmaceutical organisations to maintain a high level of product purity by minimising contamination from piping systems.

Pulp & Paper

Pipe supports are essential components in the piping systems of the pulp and paper industry. They are used throughout many processes to protect piping by ensuring that it stays in place, and does not sag, vibrate or expand. This protects workers, pipes and equipment from harm.

Water Industry

Pipe supports can be used in a variety of water treatment processes, including filtration, disinfection, and desalination. Supporting water pipes prevents them from being damaged, vibrating, or moving out of alignment – this can also improve the reliability and efficiency of the processes.


We’ve been providing quality products and services to the Oil and Gas industry for 40+ years. As approved suppliers to many of the sector’s construction companies, we understand and are well used to accommodating for the design, material, and fabrication constraints involved the assembly of Oil and Gas plants.

Chemical Processing

Pipe supports play an essential role in the chemicals industry, allowing pipes to operate in arduous, and remote environments for extended periods of time. We work with chemical plants across the world and have provided dependable pipe supports and reliable service to the sector since we began production.