The pharmaceutical industry requires a high level of product purity, which can be compromised by contamination from the piping system. Pipe supports ensure that the piping is properly installed and that there are no areas where the product can accumulate or become trapped.

Supporting process piping

The pharmaceutical industry relies heavily on process piping to move raw materials, chemicals, and finished products through the production process. Pipe supports are used to securely hold and protect the piping, ensuring that it stays in place and does not sag or vibrate.

Meeting regulatory requirements

The pharmaceutical industry is subject to a range of regulatory requirements that specify the types of materials and installation methods that must be used for piping systems. Pipe supports must be designed and installed in compliance with these regulations to ensure that the piping system is safe and effective.

Preventing damage to piping

The harsh operating conditions in the pharmaceutical industry can cause pipes to move or vibrate, which can lead to damage over time. Pipe supports are used to prevent this damage by holding the piping in place and reducing vibration.

Supporting equipment

Many types of equipment in the pharmaceutical industry are connected to piping systems, including pumps, tanks, and heat exchangers. Pipe supports are used to hold these components in place and ensure that they are properly connected to the piping.