Pre Insulated Supports

We offer a comprehensive line of pre-insulated pipe supports services, including the design and manufacturing of Calcium Silicate supports for temperatures ranging from + 40°F to + 1200°F, and High-Density Polyurethane Foam supports with operating temperatures ranging from -250°F to +225°F. Anchors and stops can be supplied with fitted spools, ready for installation on site.

Pre-insulated Supports Design Features

  • High density insulation that can withstand the weight of the pipe
  • Availability of Pre-insulated Slides, Guides, Anchors and Hangers
  • Isolates pipe from the supporting structure – Supports stay at room temperature
  • Maintains thermal conditions (Hot or Cold) in pipe
  • Calcium Silicate insulation for Hot Pipes and Polyurethane Foam insulation for Cold Pipes

Refer this Catalog for detailed specifications, sizing, load capacity :

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