Static & Dynamic Restraints

Bergen-Power markets the widest selection of restraint assemblies and devices which allows the designer to select devices technically and economically suited for the specific application by type, size and configuration. Bergen-Power restraint systems now cover a broader range of load ratings and allow greater flexibility in field adjustment. High precision steel ball bushings and pins are now standard components throughout the line. Also included is a new series of restraint yoke clamps. Bergen-Power hydraulic snubbers have also been improved and are available with options to better suit the different conditions the application requires.


Size Range: 700 to 60,000 pounds (3,114N to 266,880 N ) of load in various pipe sizes from 1½” (40 mm) through 36 (900 mm) inches.

Material: Carbon steel except the load pin which is stainless steel. Service: For non-integral off-axis attachment to the piping system in restraint applications

Maximum Temperature: 650ºF (343ºC )for the rated loads shown.

Used With: Bergen Power figures 2015, 2250, 2252, 2525, 2530.

Ordering: Specify figure number, load size, and pipe size. Strut attachment must be ordered separately. For Metric applications specify Figure M6252.

Note: This clamp is designed to function within a 10º cone of action and a 90º arc of loading.   Loading beyond the cone or arc is not recommended.

Installation note: Tension bolts to remove slack, (while maintaining dim. “G”) plus ½ turn of nut.   Then lock jam nut to full nut.  This product must be used with shear lugs supplied by others. Note: Dimensions are shown in Catalog.

Hydraulic snubber assemblies

GENERAL APPLICATION: Used for the control and protection of piping and equipment subject to shock (impulse) loading and swaying (cyclic) conditions. Its use transfers any imposed forces on the piping or equipment directly to the building structure at the instant of shock occurrence, while at all other times allowing free unrestricted movement through its normal operating range.

• Earthquake protection.
• To prevent damage by wind in outdoor installations.
• Employed at points in piping systems subject to shock loadings generated by quick closing valves, water hammer, relief valve reaction or other applied shock loads.



  • Piping and/or equipment movement is controlled by tamper-proof dual stage flow control poppets designed with self-cleaning orifices.
  •  Furnished as a complete, compact, and efficient unit, ready for immediate use.
  • Manifold configuration requiring no external piping.
  • Spherical, self-aligning ball bushings allow for ± 5° of angular motion or misalignment.
  • Pressurized hydraulic reservoir allows mounting in any spatial orientation.
  • Virtually no resistance to normal thermal movements of the piping. • Paint — standard primer finish.
  • Large restraining forces compared to size.
  • Functions in restraining tension and compression.
  • Stroke determination is made from built-in-datum point located on piston rod wrench flats.
  • Fluid Level Indicator — Provides concise determination of exact fluid level in the unit, thereby eliminating estimate of reserve fluid level.



  • RECOMMENDED SERVICE: Used to restrain movement of piping in one direction. Movement due to thermal expansion in other directions should be evaluated.
  • Designed to restrain tensile and/or compressive forces.
  • Tight fitting connections allow positive control of piping systems.
  • Spherical, self-aligning ball bushing at both ends of the strut allow for ± 5° of angular motion or misalignment.
  • Can be installed in any spatial orientation.
  • Field adjustment is available in all assemblies.
  • All welding work required in the field is recommended to be fillet welds.
  • Paint — Standard primer finish.

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