Pulp & Paper

Pipe supports are essential components in the piping systems of the pulp and paper industry. Here are some of the ways pipe supports are used in this industry:

Supporting process piping

The pulp and paper industry relies heavily on process piping to move raw materials, chemicals, and finished products through the production process.

Pipe supports are used to securely hold and protect the piping, ensuring that it stays in place and does not sag or vibrate.Pipe supports are used to prevent this damage by holding the piping in place and reducing vibration.

Protecting against thermal expansion

The high temperatures used in many parts of the pulp and paper production process can cause pipes to expand and contract. Pipe supports are used to absorb these movements and prevent damage to the piping or connected equipment.

Meeting safety regulations

By ensuring that all piping is properly supported, the industry can help prevent accidents and protect workers.