Value Engineered Services

At Bergen Pipe Supports, our decades of experience allow us to use our knowledge to our customers’ advantage. We have a number of value engineered services available that will ensure projects are designed as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

Some of the value adding services we provide include:

Lunch & Learn Seminars. Training focused on different pipe hanger and support related subjects such as proper support of riser piping; selection and installation of engineered hangers including variable and constant springs, and specifying the right product for the job. Our Lunch and Learn sessions add value to your team by increasing their pipe support knowledge and experience for future projects.

Consulting services on optimized pipe support design, pipe stress analysis, as well as diagnosis and replacement of worn or malfunctioning supports. Our staff has decades of experience to offer economical and practical solutions for any pipe support related inquiries.

Would you like to learn more about our Value Engineered Services? Give us a call now at (781) 935-9550. Or email us below.