Engineered Support using Plate Processor

The plate processor, delivered in late 2022, is a substantial upgrade from our current plasma table. This equipment will be focused primarily on Engineered Support applications. Integration of this equipment into engineering and fabrication processes will allow for reduced lead times and improved capabilities.

These machines are the world leaders in structural steel fabrication technology. Steel fabricators that own Peddinghaus machines uphold an advantage in the steel industry and have the ability to optimize tonnage capacity. The HSFDB-C is the high speed solution for heavy plate production. This machine encompasses multiple capabilities, provides greater flexibility and maintains complete control of the quality in finished projects.

The strength of the HSFDB-C high speed plate processor is that it is designed to handle high volumes of heavy plate production. It maintains a fraction of the footprint that burn tables occupy. Load up to a 4 inch thick plate from the material handling outside to the processing area inside with the Peddinghaus pass through system design. This material handling increases operator safety and limits crane use. Finished parts unload with the dump table, resulting in no machine down time while waiting for remnants to be removed. Continuous processing means continuous profit. Unload parts up to 1,000 pounds with the side unloading system or to the end of the outfeed conveyor with the front end unloader. The HSFDB-C design gives fabricators greater ability when it comes to the overall shop production and flow.

As today’s constructions become more complex, architects are building structural designs never thought possible. Having CNC that meets those demands is critical. With the ability to bevel the plasma torch up to 45 degrees at 2-¼ inches and up to 4 inches on the oxy fuel torch, the HSFDB-C provides perfect parts ready for welding. Equipped with optional amperage units produces maximum plate production capability.