Bergen Pipe Supports specializes in offering a complete line of engineered pipe supports to help suit the needs of your project. Our product lines include Variable springs, Constant effort springs,  static and dynamic restraints, and a full line of compatible components.

constant spring supports

Bergen Pipe Supports' constant spring hanger incorporates a design that generates a constant supporting force throughout its total travel range. This design utilizes the principle of a varying leverage about a main pivot that compensates for the varying spring force as the lever travels through the range. Constant spring hangers are used on systems where there are large vertical thermal movements, critical stress conditions, or a combination of both. 

variable spring supports

The Variable Support is a spring loaded device used for the support of piping and equipment where normal vertical movement is anticipated. Variable Supports are manufactured in five different Travel Series which allow up to ten inches of movement and twenty-five different sizes allowing up to 50,000 pounds of load. Seven different mounting Types allow the user the widest selection of configurations to accommodate practically every hanger design.

static & dynamic restraints

Bergen Pipe Supports manufactures the widest selection of restraint assemblies and devices, allowing designers technically and economically suited solutions for the specific application by type, size and configuration. Bergen Pipe Supports restraint systems cover a broad range of load ratings and allow greater flexibility in field adjustment and compatibility with pipe attachments. Our hydraulic snubbers use a proven reliable and economical design available with numerous options to  suit application requirements. 


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